Refugee Exhibition

The image to the left  depicts visitors viewing an art installation at the Refugee Exhibition. Please visit our photo gallery to view more photos from the exhibition. This is an interactive exhibition with recordings from the children themselves. It highlights the plight of the Forgotten Children who fled Zimbabwe’s political turmoil, in search of a […]

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Mon, May 24 2010 » Church commentators, Diaspora » 3 Comments

Desperate lives, twilight worlds: how a million Zimbabweans live without official sanction or sanctuary in South Africa

Report Cover Photo: Blind Zimbabwean in the room he shares with other blind friends in Johannesburg

The largest mass movement of people into South Africa in its history is continuing into its seventh year, yet the Government appears to have a policy that consists mainly of window dressing and broken promises. The desperate plight of migrants, caught in a twilight world of poverty and unbelonging, involves over one million Zimbabweans of […]

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Wed, March 31 2010 » Diaspora, Reports » No Comments

Gone to Egoli: Economic survival strategies in Matabeleland

Report Cover Photo: Zimbabweans in Bulawayo board the “Omalayitsha” to Johannesburg, June 2009

There is not much likelihood that the formal economy in Zimbabwe will recover any time soon. It is likely to take over a decade before industry begins to recover in any meaningful way, and in the interim, Zimbabwe will continue to lose her youth to the diaspora, and those left behind will struggle to survive. […]

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Tue, June 30 2009 » Access to resources, Diaspora, Reports » No Comments

No War in Zimbabwe: An account of the exodus of a nation’s people

Report Cover Photo: Razor wire on the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa

Zimbabweans are now the second biggest group of foreign Africans in South Africa. Yet there is little formal information available on their situation. Very few are being officially recorded as political refugees. Some Zimbabweans claim that it is hard to access asylum seeker status. It was the intention of the authors to investigate these allegations, […]

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Mon, November 15 2004 » Diaspora, Human rights, Reports » No Comments