The Changing Politics of Matebeleland since 1980

Signing of the Unity Accord

by Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni – Associate Professor of Development Studies at the University of South Africa Introduction I think the best way to understand the present day manifestations and character of Matebeleland politics is to situate them properly historically and politically within the broader terrain of the development of the idea of Zimbabwe and the […]

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The Solidarity Peace Trust urges humane treatment of Zimbabwean Refugees

The Solidarity Peace Trust condemns the relentless harassment of Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa at a time when Zanu PF is once again terrorising Zimbabweans in some parts of their country. We draw South Africa’s attention to the fact that Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) members and supporters are once again being abducted or arrested […]

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Reflections on Human Rights Discourse and Emancipation in Africa in the Twenty-first Century

Cross border transporter

By Professor Mike Neocosmos – Centre for Humanities Research UWC, South Africa At the very time when it most often mouths the word, the West has never been further from being able to live a true humanism – a humanism made to the measure of the world (Aimé Césaire). Whoever is engaged in popular struggles […]

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Walking a Thin Line : The political and humanitarian challenges facing Zimbabwe’s GPA leadership – and its ordinary citizens

Zanu PF in Parliament as a minority for the first time in 28 years

The Global Political Agreement signed on 15th September 2008 was an uneasy compromise between the two MDCs and Zanu PF, and was the result of a combination of factors: the weakening of both Zanu PF and the opposition, together with the social and civic forces that supported the MDCs; the disastrous economic and humanitarian descent […]

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Desperately Seeking Sanity: What Prospects for a New Beginning in Zimbabwe?

A man in Gokwe sits in the ruins of his house destroyed by youth militia  and war vets in May 2008.

In its report on the March 29th 2008 Harmonised Election the Solidarity Peace Trust recorded the widespread state-led violence that followed the Zanu PF’s electoral loss in that plebiscite, in the context of the SADC led mediation that failed to break the political deadlock in the country. The lack of an outright winner in the […]

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