Security Sector Reform in Zimbabwe: Prospects and Challenges

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Security Sector Reform (SSR) is a concept that gained currency as a development agenda in the aftermath of the cold war. It refers to a host of reform interventions related to the reform of sections of the public sector engaged in the provision of both internal and external security. These include the defence forces, intelligence […]

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What options for Zimbabwe?

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There is a general consensus that the Global Political Agreement (GPA), signed in September 2008 and initiated in February 2009, has not yet lived up to expectations, and has been seriously stalled in the implementation of some of its key components. There are clearly key blockages in the process that are locked into a number […]

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The MDC, Neoliberalism and the challenges of post-colonial change

From its inception the MDC was characterised by a commitment to liberal political and economic values. Formed in the aftermath of the fall of ‘existing socialist’ states in Eastern Europe in 1989/90, the MDC was part of the ‘second wave’ of democratic struggles that broke out in African post colonial states in the 1990’s against […]

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Walking a Thin Line : The political and humanitarian challenges facing Zimbabwe’s GPA leadership – and its ordinary citizens

Zanu PF in Parliament as a minority for the first time in 28 years

The Global Political Agreement signed on 15th September 2008 was an uneasy compromise between the two MDCs and Zanu PF, and was the result of a combination of factors: the weakening of both Zanu PF and the opposition, together with the social and civic forces that supported the MDCs; the disastrous economic and humanitarian descent […]

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An overview of the circumstances of the Unity Accord of 1987 in comparison to those of the Global Political Agreement of 2008

In Zimbabwe in 2008, the March Presidential election failed to produce an outright winner, although Morgan Tsvangirai won 47% of the vote to Robert Mugabe’s 43%. The ensuing state orchestrated violence reduced the June run off to an illegitimate one-man race, as Morgan Tsvangirai withdrew, citing impossible conditions for his supporters. Since then, there has […]

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