Some Perceptions on the Poverty Question in Zimbabwe

Makeshift housing in Hopley Farm, Harare

By Busani Mpofu The World Bank estimated urban poverty in Zimbabwe in 1990/91 to be 12 percent while the 1995 Poverty Assessment Study found urban poverty to be 39 percent. In January 2009, Save the Children estimated that 10 out of 13 million Zimbabweans, over 75 percent of the population, were living in ‘desperate poverty.’ […]

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Gone to Egoli: Economic survival strategies in Matabeleland

Report Cover Photo: Zimbabweans in Bulawayo board the “Omalayitsha” to Johannesburg, June 2009

There is not much likelihood that the formal economy in Zimbabwe will recover any time soon. It is likely to take over a decade before industry begins to recover in any meaningful way, and in the interim, Zimbabwe will continue to lose her youth to the diaspora, and those left behind will struggle to survive. […]

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