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  • Refugee Exhibition

    ‘Burning wounds” ´- children’s drawings about their traumatizing experiences. (Photo credit: Laurin Berger) ‘Tower of hope’, signatures of residents of CMC. (Photo credit: Laurin Berger) Bishop Paul Verryn at the launch of the Refugee Exhibition. (Photo credit: Laurin Berger) Final appeal: facing yourself. (Photo credit: Laurin Berger) The Albert Street School Drama group (Photo credit: Laurin Berger) Bishop Paul Verryn, Father Mike and Selvan Chetty from Solidarity Peace Trust (Photo credit: Laurin Berger)
  • Exhibition opening times:
    Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm

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  • Central Methodist Church

    Wilmot James of the DA visited the Central Methodist Church in downtown Johannesburg in early April 2009. Bishop Paul Verryn explained the issues surrounding the church.