Election posters (2013)

Images in this gallery show campaign messages and slogans for the 2013 elections.

The Hard Road to Reform

Images in this set accompany the Solidarity Peace Trust report titled \"The Hard Road to Reform\", 2011.

A Fractured Nation

In July 2010 we followed up on previous Operation Murumbatsvina research conducted by SPT in 2005 and 2006. The story is a grim one.

Refugee Exhibition

Interactive exhibition that highlights the plight of the Forgotten Children who fled Zimbabwe’s political turmoil, in search of a better life, peace and security. May 2010. (Photos by Laurin Berger).

Desperate lives

The largest mass movement of people into South Africa is continuing into its seventh year, yet the Government appears to have a policy that consists mainly of window dressing and broken promises.

Art by Owen Maseko

Owen Maseko was arrested on 26 March 2010 for his courageous exhibition of art on the theme of Gukurahundi. It featured installations, paintings, and paintings and graffiti done directly on to the walls.

Hunger in Zimbabwe: 2008

Images in this gallery accompany a Hunger Alert issued by the Solidarity Peace Trust in October 2008.

Walking a Thin Line

Images in this gallery highlight the many complex challenges facing Zimbabwe's leaders as they enter a fragile power-sharing government in 2009.

Gone to Egoli

Biting poverty in Zimbabwe forces many Zimbabweans to leave the country in hope of better survival opportunites. These images capture some of the hardships in 2009.

Desperately Seeking Sanity

2008 saw intense political violence. This set features images of torture and violence against Zimbabwean civilians.

Punishing Dissent, Silencing Citizens

Images in this gallery reveal the experiences of opposition supporters and political activists singled out for violence by Zanu PF members and supporters. The images were taken in 2008.

A Difficult Dialogue

A number of policies under the Zanu PF government have led to economic devastation, forcing Zimbabweans into grinding poverty. Images in this set were taken in 2007.

Destructive Engagement

Senior MDC officials and human rights lawyers were targetted for brutal violence in 2007.

Criminal State

Riot police disperse crowds with teargas in Highfield, 11 March 2007.

Policing the State

This set of images highlights a growing political intolerance towards public protests and demonstrations. Some of the images date from 1999, while others were taken in the late 2000s.


Operation Murambatsvina had devastating implications for poverty-stricken Zimbabweans. Many of the photos in this set were taken one year after the government crackdown in 2005.

Operation Taguta / Sisuthi

Placing the army in control of Zimbabwe's agricultural production yields questionable results. These images are from 2006.

Crime of Poverty

This set of images chronicles the ongoing horrific impacts of Operation Murambatsvina on the lives of thousands of Zimbabweans. The images are from 2005.

Discarding the Filth

Images in this gallery capture the immediate horrific experiences of Zimbabwean citizens caught up in 'Operation Murambatsvina' (2005).

Out for the Count

This gallery features pictures highlighting various moments in the campaigning lead-up to elections in 2005.

No War in Zimbabwe

Images in this gallery, from 2003, depict Zimbabweans with injuries from violent attacks, refugees fleeing the country, and Zimbabweans trying to survive in South Africa.

Disturbing the Peace

Action called by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in 2003 provoked a violent crackdown by Zimbabwe's police. This set features images of some of the injured.

The Suffering Church of Zimbabwe

The images in this gallery were taken in 2002 at St Mary's Cathedral, Bulawayo.

National Youth Service Training

Zimbabwe's youth militia are often linked with a lot of the political violence in Zimbabwe. These images are cases from 2002.

Peaceful Protests in Bulawayo

Peaceful protestors have been targetted with political violence and intimidation.

"We'll make them run"

Images showing political violence against civilians - 2002.

The Presidential election : 44 days to go

Violence escalated in the run-up to the 2002 Presidential election.

Playing with Fire

This gallery reveals what has happened to some people who have dared to challenge Zanu-PF. Images were taken between 2000 and 2003.

Vote Zanu PF or Starve

Images in this set depict arson attacks in 2002 by Zanu-PF supporters. Food supplies were destroyed and people violently assaulted.