The Commercial Farmers’ Union of Zimbabwe (CFU) and its Politics after Jambanja

by Dr Rory Pilossof – Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Pretoria (January 2011) Introduction As a result of the government’s fast-track land reform programme, spearheaded by veterans of the country’s Liberation War, the plight of the white farmers in Zimbabwe became international headline news. Images of white farmers who were beaten, killed, exiled and […]

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Operation Taguta / Sisuthi: Command Agriculture in Zimbabwe; its impact on rural communities in Matabeleland

Report Cover Photo: Soldiers driving a tractor

Command agriculture has to be contextualised against a background of the collapse of agriculture since 2000, and of epidemic corruption and inefficiency not only in this sector, but throughout the government policies in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has faced a food deficit for several consecutive years, and the need to regain credibility for the land invasions, as […]

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