The Morning After….

Harare - morning after (

Shari Eppel, Director, Solidarity Peace Trust As I gaze into the tea leaves at the bottom of my first post-Mugabe cup of tea, I try to divine the future of our nation, Zimbabwe. Last night was sheer euphoria here on the streets of Bulawayo, and of course throughout the nation, as spontaneous crowds gathered to […]

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History and Fiction in the Writing of ‘We Are All Zimbabweans Now’

By James Kilgore – Research Scholar, Center for African Studies, University of Illinois, (Urbana-Champaign). I began my career as a fiction writer in 2003 at the age of 57.  I guess you could say my entry into this world of the writer took place under special circumstances. At the time I was in a California prison, […]

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The Role of War Veterans in Zimbabwe’s Political and Economic Processes

Violent land seizures began in Zimbabwe in 2000 carried out by "war veterans"

Paper presented by Wilfred Mhanda to the SAPES Trust Policy Dialogue Forum in Harare on 7 April 2011. Wilfred Mhanda, aka Dzinashe Machinugura, was a commander of the Zimbabwe People’s Army (Zipa), and in the leadership of the alternative Zimbabwe Liberators Platform. Zimbabwe’s former liberation fighters have become a household name for all the wrong […]

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SPT-Zimbabwe Update No.2. March 2011: The Silencing of the Bones

Over the last few days, I have watched, listened to, and read with growing horror and dismay, about events unfolding in Mount Darwin, Zimbabwe, where human remains are currently being hauled out of mine shafts by completely unqualified individuals. I have examined with great sadness, photographs of dishevelled piles of skulls, long bones and other […]

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Thu, March 24 2011 » Conflict resolution, History, Human rights, Zimbabwe Update » 1 Comment

SPT-Zimbabwe Update No.1. March 2011: The effects of the events in North Africa on Zimbabwean Politics

Given the economic and political convulsions that have marked Zimbabwean politics for the last decade, it is not surprising that the momentous events in North Africa have been imported and constructed in contested ways by the major political players in Zimbabwe. With the Zimbabwean landscape torn by the polemical rupture between the redistributive language of […]

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