‘Becoming Zimbabwe’: an interview with Professor Brian Raftopolous

Becoming Zimbabwe. A History from the Pre-colonial Period to 2008

Professor Brian Raftopoulos recently discussed Becoming Zimbabwe, a book he co-edited with Alois Mlambo, in an interview with Chris Kabwato. Brian Raftopoulos is Director of Research and Advocacy at the Solidarity Peace Trust. Chris Kabwato (CK): You dedicate your book to “the continuing process of ‘Becoming Zimbabwe’”. Thirty years after independence what is that process […]

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National youth service training – “shaping youths in a truly Zimbabwean manner”

Report Cover Photo: Cover of reference manual used since 2001 to train youth militia in Zimbabwean history

In the last two years, Zimbabwe has seen a new national youth service training programme moving rapidly from a supposedly voluntary, small scale training that allegedly aimed at skills enhancement, patriotism and moral education, to what is now intended to be a compulsory, large scale, paramilitary training. The need for national service has to date […]

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