Solidarity Peace Trust condemns the continued harassment of civic leaders in Zimbabwe

Solidarity Peace Trust joins other civic organizations in Zimbabwe in condemning the continued arrest of Zim Rights Director, Okay Machisa.

This arrest is only the latest in a continuing trend of harassment of civic leaders and activists in the country, and points to the persistent thread of authoritarian practices of the past under the GPA.

In the midst of the uncertainty over the future of the constitutional reform process and the establishment of conditions for a generally acceptable election in 2013, the ongoing harassment of civic representatives bodes ill for the future of the country.

We call on the parties of the GPA and the regional guarantors of the agreement SADC, to bring an end to such repressive practices and to establish the conditions that will allow for a more democratic opening up of the public sphere in Zimbabwe.

Issued by:
Professor Brian Raftopoulos
Director Of Research And Advocacy
Solidarity Peace Trust

Wed, January 16 2013 » Press Releases

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