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Solidarity Peace trust LogoOver the past month the Trust has placed a series of essays on various aspects of Zimbabwean politics on its website. The aim of this initiative is to open up the intellectual debates on current politics in the country, and to provide more extended discussions around key issues of central concern to the Trust, such as the Constitutional Debate, Transitional Justice, Human Rights issues, National Healing, Security Sector Reform and broader debates on development questions. Thus far we have featured a numbers of articles in these areas by Zimbabwean intellectuals, who have agreed to provide short versions of their more extended research as a way of both contributing to the debates and signaling ongoing work in various areas and covering different disciplines.

SPT has decided to include such interventions under a new section of the website known as the Zimbabwe Review. Essays available include:

  • The Elephant in the Room: A Critical Reflection on Race in Zimbabwe’s Protracted Crisis (Dr James Muzondidya)
  • Media reform under the unity government. A critical assessment June 2010 (Dr Wallace Chuma )
  • Zimbabwe’s multi-layered crisis – CMI Brief; June 2010 Vol 9 No 3 (Professor Alois Mlambo and Professor Brian Raftopoulos)
  • The South African led Mediation on Zimbabwe: Can it help break the deadlock? (Professor Brian Raftopoulos)
  • Security Sector Reform in Zimbabwe: Prospects and Challenges (Munyaradzi Nyakudya)
  • The Constitution and the Constitutional Process in Zimbabwe (Dr Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni)

We will continue to solicit selected pieces on a range of subjects from individuals working in various fields, in the hope of providing informed opinions on key issues confronting contemporary Zimbabwean politics, and in the hope of eliciting responses from readers plugged in to such debates. It is our intention that the content and tone of such inputs will contribute to a national debate and avoid narrowly party political positions, without conceding a commitment to the broader principles of democratization.

The contents of the Review will be in addition to the already widely read, detailed reports that SPT continues to release in the course of the year. It is our hope that the Review will provide a forum for a discerning readership in search of summary positions based on existing or ongoing research in different spheres. We look forward to such contributions and the responses to them.

The most recent essay in the section, by Dr James Muzondidya, will be posted on our website and circulated to our mailing list today. Please visit www.solidaritypeacetrust.org/zimbabwe-review to read and participate in discussions raised by the essays in this new section of our website.

If you would like to submit articles towards inclusion in the Zimbabwe Review, please send them for consideration to Professor Brian Raftopolous by emailing brian@solidaritypeacetrust.org.

With this we welcome our readers to the Zimbabwe Review.

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