The Sanctions Debate on Zimbabwe

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By Brian Raftopoulos In the early 2000’s a series of ‘targeted measures’ were introduced by the EU, US, and later Australia, New Zealand and Canada, against the movement and assets of particular individuals in the Mugabe regime. The measures were introduced as a response to serious electoral irregularities and human rights abuses in the Parliamentary […]

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Is Zimbabwe heading towards another disputed election?


By Brian Raftopoulos As Zimbabwe’s elections on 31 July approach, the Southern African Development Community is under pressure to complete its mandate from 2007. In September 2008 the three major political parties in Zimbabwe entered an inclusive government following a contested election in June that year. The Global Political Agreement (GPA), as it was called, […]

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Violence and Transition in Post Settler-Colonial states

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By Brian Raftopoulos, Solomon Mungure, Nicky Rousseau and Masheti Masinjila. The authors are part of the Violence and Transition Project in Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa funded by the IDRC.   The recently concluded elections in Kenya against the background of the electoral violence of 2007, the anticipated election in Zimbabwe in 2013 with the […]

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Solidarity Peace Trust condemns the continued harassment of civic leaders in Zimbabwe

Solidarity Peace Trust joins other civic organizations in Zimbabwe in condemning the continued arrest of Zim Rights Director, Okay Machisa. This arrest is only the latest in a continuing trend of harassment of civic leaders and activists in the country, and points to the persistent thread of authoritarian practices of the past under the GPA. […]

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SPT – Zimbabwe Update No.5. October 2012: Towards another stalemate in Zimbabwe?

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By Brian Raftopoulos Introduction. Four years after the signing of the SADC facilitated Global Political Agreement in Zimbabwe, the outcome of the process remains fiercely contested and in the balance. The Agreement, which set out to prepare the political process for a generally acceptable election after the debacle of 2008, has been marked by severe […]

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