The Threat of “Normalising” Authoritarian Rule in Zimbabwe

By Brian Raftopoulos Since the end of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) in 2013, a SADC facilitated settlement that sought to move Zimbabwe out of the legitimacy crisis of the widely discredited elections of 2008, Mugabe’s Zanu PF has been battling to find ways to re-engage Western Governments and the international financial institutions based on […]

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The Spell of Indecision in Zimbabwean Politics

By Brian Raftopoulos Viewing the broad spectrum of the political landscape in Zimbabwe at the end of 2011, one is left with the distinct impression that all the political forces are caught under a spell of  indecision. The dilemmas of leadership renewal, electoral strategy and a broad vision for the future are all inducing a […]

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SPT-Zimbabwe Update No.3. June 2011: Beyond Livingstone

The excitement over the resolutions of the SADC Troika meeting in Livingstone, Zambia, at the end of March 2011, was largely focused on the stronger stance taken by the organ over the abuses of the Mugabe regime, and more particularly the continued obstacles placed by the latter over the implementation of the GPA. In effect […]

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The Hard Road to Reform

Zimbabwe lawyers fail to gain access to their clients

Since the signing and initiation of the Global Political Agreement in Zimbabwe in September 2008 and February 2009 respectively, the politics of the country has been convulsed with a recurring set of problems even as it has allowed for a certain political and economic stabilization. The agreement, with its attendant Inclusive Government, was set up […]

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The Global Political Agreement as a ‘Passive Revolution’: Notes on Contemporary Politics in Zimbabwe

By Brian Raftopoulos – Centre for Humanities Research, University of the Western Cape, and Solidarity Peace Trust. This article  has been published in ‘The Round Table‘ Introduction At the heart of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), mediation on the Zimbabwe crisis has been the role of the South African government, which in its position […]

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