The Changing Politics of Matebeleland since 1980

Signing of the Unity Accord

by Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni – Associate Professor of Development Studies at the University of South Africa Introduction I think the best way to understand the present day manifestations and character of Matebeleland politics is to situate them properly historically and politically within the broader terrain of the development of the idea of Zimbabwe and the […]

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The MDC, Neoliberalism and the challenges of post-colonial change

From its inception the MDC was characterised by a commitment to liberal political and economic values. Formed in the aftermath of the fall of ‘existing socialist’ states in Eastern Europe in 1989/90, the MDC was part of the ‘second wave’ of democratic struggles that broke out in African post colonial states in the 1990’s against […]

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‘Becoming Zimbabwe’: an interview with Professor Brian Raftopolous

Becoming Zimbabwe. A History from the Pre-colonial Period to 2008

Professor Brian Raftopoulos recently discussed Becoming Zimbabwe, a book he co-edited with Alois Mlambo, in an interview with Chris Kabwato. Brian Raftopoulos is Director of Research and Advocacy at the Solidarity Peace Trust. Chris Kabwato (CK): You dedicate your book to “the continuing process of ‘Becoming Zimbabwe’”. Thirty years after independence what is that process […]

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An overview of the circumstances of the Unity Accord of 1987 in comparison to those of the Global Political Agreement of 2008

In Zimbabwe in 2008, the March Presidential election failed to produce an outright winner, although Morgan Tsvangirai won 47% of the vote to Robert Mugabe’s 43%. The ensuing state orchestrated violence reduced the June run off to an illegitimate one-man race, as Morgan Tsvangirai withdrew, citing impossible conditions for his supporters. Since then, there has […]

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A Difficult Dialogue: Zimbabwe-South Africa economic relations since 2000

Report Cover Photo: Crowds mob South African-owned Makro and Jaggers and strip shelves bare in Harare during “Operation Slash Prices” in July 2007

Since the onset of the Zimbabwean crisis, the role of South Africa, as both a help and hindrance, has been continuously debated. In particular there has been a certain cynicism about South Africa’s policy of “quiet diplomacy” being driven by the economic interests of the South African state and its corporate sector. While this report […]

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