Zimbabwe Bond Notes and Their Possible Long-term Legacy

Tinashe Nyamunda analyses the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s efforts to address the liquidity shortage in the country. Zimbabwe’s export incentive scheme was introduced to encourage exports and address the liquidity crunch in the country. If, for example, tobacco exporters accept bond notes, they receive a five percent incentive in addition to their export earnings. But […]

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Climb down or pragmatism? : Recent developments in Zimbabwe’s indigenisation policy, 2009 to 2016

by Musiwaro Ndakaripa (International Studies Group, University of the Free State, South Africa) 5 December 2016. Introduction Economic indigenisation has been a recurring theme in post-colonial Zimbabwe.[1] In the early 2000s the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) government tended to conflate indigenisation with the land question for electoral purposes. However, as the […]

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Un(Bond)ing Zimbabwe’s financial confidence: bond notes, people and politics

Tinashe Nyamunda looks at Zimbabwe’s ‘liquidity crunch’ A political storm is brewing in Zimbabwe over the introduction of some US$75 million worth of bond notes, initially scheduled for the end of October but which the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has delayed to November – or even December (as it is unsure of public response). […]

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A Difficult Dialogue: Zimbabwe-South Africa economic relations since 2000

Report Cover Photo: Crowds mob South African-owned Makro and Jaggers and strip shelves bare in Harare during “Operation Slash Prices” in July 2007

Since the onset of the Zimbabwean crisis, the role of South Africa, as both a help and hindrance, has been continuously debated. In particular there has been a certain cynicism about South Africa’s policy of “quiet diplomacy” being driven by the economic interests of the South African state and its corporate sector. While this report […]

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