Flyer: Discussing what type of government we want in Zimbabwe

This flyer is available for download in two languages. See the end of the post for details.

When the COPAC team comes to you, they will tell you that there are 17 areas or themes to discuss in relation to the constitution, and one of the most important, is how government should be structured at the national, provincial and local (district and ward) level.

What relationships should exist between Central, Provincial and Local governments, and between these and Traditional Leadership?

  • Should there be provincial governments? If so, how many provinces should there be? What powers should provincial governments have, compared to central govt?
  • Should there be elected provincial structures, including governors? Are governors necessary, and if so, what should their powers be?
  • What types of govt structures should there be in rural and urban areas? How should they be financed and what should their roles be? What should be the relationship between provincial and local governments?
  • Should traditional leaders have any role in government? What should their roles be, at national, provincial and local levels?
  • How best, to accommodate traditional beliefs and cultures, should the provincial assemblies of chiefs interact with provincial government?
  • Should the chiefs be represented at provincial level? Should chiefs be in Parliament?

Discussing these questions raises issues around who should control the use of local and national resources, and who should benefit from them, and by what processes. Should budgets for education and health, for example, be dispensed of via a national process, or by each province?

Get together and talk about these issues, and talk about them with the COPAC team when they come to an area near you. Write down your thoughts and submit your ideas about the constitution in writing, if you think you may not be able to attend a meeting, or may not have a chance to be heard at that meeting.

Discussing what type of government we want in Zimbabwe
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Mon, February 15 2010 » Constitution, Flyers

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