Flyer: Land, natural resources: What should the constitution say about these?

This flyer is available for download in two languages. See the end of the post for details.

The Constitution Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) Outreach Teams (ORTs) are coming to your ward to get your views of what the constitution should be. You are completely free to express your views in public. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. If they do report immediately to the police, COPAC, church or a human rights or-ganisation. Not even your party leader should tell you what to say.

COPAC will ask you questions about many different subjects, and some of the questions will be similar to the ones on this flyer. Think about how you feel about these topics, so that you can express you view when the COPAC team comes to your area. Write down your ideas if you think you may not get a chance to speak to the team.


Should the constitution highlight that the land reform process is irreversible?
Who should own the land?
What type of land tenure systems do the people want?
If the State takes land away from someone, should compensation be paid?
What role should traditional leaders play in administering land?
What institutions should be established to resolve disputes over land?


Who should own natural resources ie water, wildlife, forests and minerals?
Should communities living adjacent to areas with natural resources be direct beneficiaries and should the constitution guarantee this right?
What type of regulations should be put in place to protect the envi-ronment?

Land, natural resources: What should the constitution say about these?
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Mon, February 15 2010 » Constitution, Flyers

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