Flyer: Religion, languages, arts and culture: How can a new constitution protect these?

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How should the State, religion, and traditional cultural beliefs relate to each other?

Should the dominant religion of Zimbabwe be acknowledged in the constitution?

Should there be a constitutinally protected right to freedom of religion?

Should religious groups be able to choose their own statutory religious commission to oversee religious issues in the nation?

Which languages spoken in Zimbabwe should be recognised officially at community, provincial and national levels, and how should they be protected, preserved and promoted?

What services are needed to ensure that speakers of different languages have their language rights guaranteed by the constitution?

Which localities, monuments, sites practices and natural resources are of special cultural significance and how should these be protected and preserved?

What rights and interests of artists need to be protected, preserved and promoted?

In which sectors of life must the constitution require parliament to come up with laws controlling language policy and planning, and also on arts and culture policy and planning?

What statutory bodies or structures must be set up by the State to promote preserve, protect and develop languages, arts and cultural rigths in Zimbabwe?


Should the constitution allow for a publicly funded body to represent the interests of war veterans and administer their affairs, such as a government ministry?

Should war veterans be eligible for affirmative action and empowerment programmes in government and the private sector?

Do you think there should be an independent commission to vet war veterans?

Religion, languages, arts and culture
Religion, languages, arts and culture
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Mon, February 15 2010 » Constitution, Flyers

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