Flyer: Elections, transitional mechanisms and independent commissions

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The Constitution Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) Outreach Teams (ORTs) are coming to your ward to get your views of what the constitution should be. You are completely free to express your views in public. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. If they do report immediately to the police, COPAC, church or a human rights organisation. Not even your party leader should tell you what to say.
Think about how you feel about these topics, so that you can express you view when the COPAC team comes to your area. Write down your ideas if you think you may not get a chance to speak to the team.
What type of electoral system should Zimbabwe have? How often should elections be held?
Who qualifies to register as a voter for government, parliamentary, local and presidential elections?

Where should funding for elections come from?
Should the constitution require the enactment of law to deal with how elections should be conducted, and with how election disputes should be resolved?

Should there be an independent electoral commission?
How does the constitution contribute to the formation and independence of commissions, such as Human rights, Anti-corruption and Media commissions, and the office of the Public Protector?
How are such commissions to be kept accountable, independent and effective?

Should there be term limits for: the Head of State? Head of Government? Member of Parliament? Councillors?
In the event of vacancies, how should these positions be filled?
How long after an election should a President, Prime Minister, Cabinet and other officers be sworn into office?
If the Head of State is unable to fulfil his/her duties for some reason, who should run the country until there is an election?

Elections, transitional mechanisms and independent commissions
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Mon, February 15 2010 » Constitution, Flyers

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