An Incredible Election

An Incredible Election from Solidarity Peace Trust on Vimeo. The 2013 Zimbabwe elections were unilaterally proclaimed by President Robert Mugabe on June 13th. The proclamation was in contravention of both the new constitution and the Global Political Agreement (GPA). The other partners in the government of national unity, including the main opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai […]

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SPT – Zimbabwe Update No.4. March 2012: The Shadow of Elections

SPT - Zimbabwe Update

A great tragedy of the Mugabe regime has been the deconstruction of national institutions, which some analysts have mistaken for a ‘radicalised state.’ In effect Zimbabweans have witnessed a destructive form of vanguardist politics in which a particular party has claimed the right to speak for the majority and in so doing has turned its […]

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Media reform under the unity government. A critical assessment June 2010

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By Dr Wallace Chuma – Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Film & Media Studies, University of Cape Town, South Africa. It’s been nearly 18 months since the formation of the unity government in Zimbabwe, ushering in a layered and complex transition whose prospects for greater democratisation remain a subject of profound debate. One sector […]

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“We’ll make them run” : A report on post election violence in Zimbabwe, March to May 2002

Linear lesions spread all over the body were caused by beatings with sjamboks and a chain.

In association with Physicians for Human Rights, Denmark The Presidential election in Zimbabwe took place on 9th – 11th March 2002. In a process described by almost all international observers as “unfree and unfair”, President Robert Mugabe was announced the winner of the poll. Gross human rights violations were documented throughout the current election process, […]

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