SPT-Zimbabwe Update No.1. March 2011: The effects of the events in North Africa on Zimbabwean Politics

SPT - Zimbabwe Update

Given the economic and political convulsions that have marked Zimbabwean politics for the last decade, it is not surprising that the momentous events in North Africa have been imported and constructed in contested ways by the major political players in Zimbabwe. With the Zimbabwean landscape torn by the polemical rupture between the redistributive language of […]

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Security Sector Reform in Zimbabwe: Prospects and Challenges

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Security Sector Reform (SSR) is a concept that gained currency as a development agenda in the aftermath of the cold war. It refers to a host of reform interventions related to the reform of sections of the public sector engaged in the provision of both internal and external security. These include the defence forces, intelligence […]

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Policing the State: An evaluation of 1,981 political arrests in Zimbabwe – 2000-2005

Report Cover Photo: Zimbabwe Republic Police

“Policing the State” highlights the growth of police brutality in Zimbabwe since 2000, which has coincided with the rise of the democratic challenge to the State. During the 1990s, peaceful protest by the student movement and trades unions was tolerated to some degree, but after the forming of the Movement for Democratic Change and the […]

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Subverting Justice: The Role of the Judiciary in Denying the Will of the Zimbabwean Electorate since 2000

Report Cover Photo: Victim of violence, Presidential election campaign, Mberengwa East, January 2002

Five years ago this June, parliamentary elections were held in Zimbabwe.  Both the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU (PF)) and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) fielded candidates in all of the 120 constituencies.  When the results were announced, ZANU (PF) was declared the winner of sixty-two of the constituencies, […]

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“Disturbing the peace”: An overview of civilian arrests in Zimbabwe: February 2003 – January 2004

Report Cover Photo: Woman beaten by police during peaceful demonstration called by ZCTU on 18 November 2003: Bulawayo.

The last four years have seen a relentless clampdown on all those who are perceived as opposing the ruling party, ZANU-PF. State repression has relied on key new pieces of legislation that give the state almost unlimited powers against its own people.  It is two years since the most draconian act in Zimbabwe’s 24-year history […]

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